About Us

Tucked away down a campion-lined Cornish lane, Trevibban Mill, is a family-run working vineyard, winery and events venue a stone’s throw from the picturesque harbour town, Padstow. Historically the home of a miller and his family, the land is now the home to vines, apple trees and native English Southdown sheep.

Engin & Liz Mumcuoglu, established the Vineyard in 2008 on a working arable farm with the vision to produce high quality sparkling & still wine on the coast of Cornwall. Everything from wine and cider making to bottling, disgorging and labelling are done on site which gives greater control over quality.


Trevibban Mill opt for quality and sustainability over production and aim is to provide small quantities of characterful wines and ciders in the most resourceful way possible. On the land herbicides are not used as in Trevibban Mill, the biodiversity is valued which results from leaving the native flora to flourish. From the sheep that graze in the vineyard and orchards, to the food waste compost which feeds the kitchen garden, Trevibban Mill’s approach is a simple yet considered one, working with nature instead of against it.

Trevibban Mill’s method of farming is better for bees, birds and wildlife and encourages healthy biodiversity. Every spring, the field in front of the tasting room is sowed with phacelia, sunflowers and wild flowers, which aside from looking beautiful, also attracts many different types of bumblebee, other pollinating insects and occasional visits from deer, otters, fox, badgers and even weasels. They also attract an amazing number of different birds from buzzards to flocks of goldfinches.

As the business continue to grow, Trevibban Mill will continue to improve the impact as a business on the environment, such as the installation of 110 solar panels on the south facing winery roof, which generate 29,997 kWh of clean energy per year.

The majority of the land and the Winery is in Soil Association Certification and you will see their Organic logo on all ciders and some of the wines.

Viticulture & Vinification

LATITUDE: 50° 29' 41.5176‘’ N
LONGITUDE: 4° 56' 16.0872'' W

The South Western climate is notoriously unpredictable, and so, each of the wines have character all of their own and without exception represent the quality of the Vineyard and the work that goes into it; from pressing, fermenting and bottling, through to the disgorge and finishing processes of sparkling wine years later

Trevibban Mill take exceptional care to limit the risks of trunk and fungal diseases with continual and regular observation of the vines and weather. With adroit training, pruning and canopy management throughout the growing season, the vines produce beautiful clean berries with optimal sugar ripeness without much intervention.

When it comes to picking the grapes, all is done by hand harvest with inhouse staff and few additional helpers ensuring that only the best fruit is selected.

The wine making is under the direction of Salvatore Leone, Consultant Wine Maker, who has over 19 years’ experience in wineries all over the world bringing technique and imagination to the vinification methods.


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