THURSDAY 1st JUNE 2017 5-7pm


English wines have been gaining more and more publicity in recent years as the quality of wines made on our shores, particularly those with a sparkle, have started to rival some of the best from Champagne. It’s getting so good in fact we now have our own national week to celebrate it!


But what’s all the fuss about “British fizz”? How do you even make wine fizzy? And what are the bubbles made of? What does ‘traditional method’ mean on a sparkling wine label and what is the difference between English Sparkling Wine and bubbles from other parts of the world?


In this fun & interactive masterclass we’ll address all of these questions and will start to demystify some of the common misconceptions about sparkling wine including how it’s made and what the relationship is between price tag and production method.


To kick off, we will take a tour of the vineyard & winery explaining how we get from grapes to glass before finishing in the tasting room for a guided tasting of 6 sparkling wines from Cornwall and beyond. Trevibban Mill Winemaker, Manuel Kowalewski, will be on hand to talk you through his sparkling wines and answer any winemaking questions you may have and to wrap up the evening, we will be opening something very exciting from our cellar for a special, FIRST TIME TASTING…


Don’t miss out! Spaces are limited to 30 and tickets on sale now!


Price: £20 per person (includes tour & tutored tasting of 6 sparkling wines)

To book your place please use the online form below: