1. To be fully in charge of whole of the winery bar, shop display and labeled stock.
  2. To manage the bar sales and till operation.
  3. To undertake wine tasting sessions and keep up with changes of the wines.
  4. To be in charge of all the equipment and fridges in the winery bar area. Ensure that they are fully operational and also stocked up.
  5. To be responsible for the maintenance of the record keeping and ensuring that others who use the bar adhere to the same rules.
  6. To prepare the end of the month records for the bar and also stock room.
  7. When required to attend in house or other locations to undertake wine tasting sessions for the Company
  8. If required to attend and manage vineyard and winery Tours.
  9. When required to support sales by involving in supply of wines or sales or distribution.
  10. When required to take part in the winery/vineyard activities including grape/apple picking, processing, bottling and labeling.
  11. Undertake any other duties as required by MD.
  12. Present your monthly reports by end of first week of the month. Reports     must include the bar stocks of the each wine and stock room stocks.


We are looking for a candidate who is energetic and self-motivated with the ability to engage with customers of all ages.


The post could be one full-time person or preferably two part-time employees who will be willing to take additional hours for events/weddings etc.


Hours of work: 11.30 to 5.00 weekdays and including Fridays and Saturdays 6pm to 11pm.

Only during August 2017


Wages per hour: £8 to £10 range, subject to experience.

Please send your CV to: